Tips for having a garden in your property

To grow your own food, all you need is patience, care, a sunny space, a bit of soil, water, and love, and done! Also, having a garden in your house has a lot of benefits: it is less costly, the food is free of chemicals, and you can always enjoy the freshness of the plants when you need to. Ospinas gives you some gardening tips. Let’s get to work!

– It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment with or without a balcony. What is important is that you have a sunny space for the majority of the day (minimum 5 hours of sunlight), where you can water daily without problems, and if it’s inside, have an open window for air circulation.

– However, aromatic plants such as mint, basil, or oregano grow inside with little light.

– Become familiar with the requirements and needs of each plant you plant. For example, having tomatoes requires a lot of sunlight and care, while arugula is easy maintenance, for those that are just starting. Also, choose plants that are not big in size such as carrots.

– Avoid putting a lot of seeds at the same time because the space is small and it is better to have one pretty and lively plant that several small, crammed ones.

– In the same or separate planters. Both are fine. If you choose a big planter to plant various types of herbs, keep the following in mind:

– The watering and lighting needs of each plant

– The height of the plants. The bigger ones shouldn’t shade the smaller ones.

– They should be planted with a distance of 10-15 centimeters between plants

– In both cases, we recommend the depth of the planters be, at least, 40cm so that the roots can grow

– All planters should have a hole at the bottom, so that water can drain without problems.

– Be careful with maintenance of the plants. The drainage and daily watering (a little bit) or every two days (depending on the needs of the plants), are key to having a successful garden that you can enjoy daily.


Wellbeing and health go hand in hand with a garden in your house. Ospinas tells you how to do it.

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