10 places that everyone should visit

Known to be the most visited by tourists all over the world, these places have inspired modern architecture not only for its design but also for its beauty and mystery.

– Pyramid of Cheops – Egypt

This is one of the largest stone structures in the world. It is also believed to be one of the works of engineering imposible to build, given the mystery that has revolved around its development. For many, the way the Egyptians carried the blocks to the summit remains and will remain one of the biggest mysteries of modern architecture.


– Ice Hotel – Sweden

If the pyramid of Cheops pays tribute to ancient architecture, the Ice Hotel in Sweden is the best example of how luxury and details combine to deliver an experience that amazes even experts architects.

Why you should visit it? Its design is modified annually not only through the work of a famous artist, but its lighting comes from oil lamps that blend with the brightness of the aurora borealis. As expected, the hotel is an architectural challenge, as the ice melts in spring and every year it is necessary to build it from scratch.


– Machu Picchu – Peru

If you have to choose a place to start your tour you should definitely start with this masterpiece of architecture and engineering: Machu Picchu. The structure is a triumph of ingenuity, since its construction is set over 2,500 meters above sea. All made without the use of technologies.

For the construction of Machu Picchu, the Incas took into account not only technical details, but always had in mind astronomical ceremonies and rituals as the solar azimuth at the solstices.


– Parthenon – Greece

On top of the Acropolis in Athens, rises one of the greatest achievements of western architecture. With 18 meters high, the Parthenon is recognized by its geometry and quality, thanks to its white marble columns that represent the largest part of the Greek mathematical achievement.

Its columns are slightly inclined, giving the impression that they meet at the top, so that when you look at them from below appear to be completely parallel.


– Sydney Opera House – Australia

In 1973, what at first was a new Project, today is one of the most important standards of modern architecture. Danish architect Jørn Utzon conceived the building as “orange slices” which would cover several theater complex.

If inside the place offers one of the most pleasurable auditory sensations product of his concerts, on the outside the magnificent building is a visual pleasure with its exterior walls that support two thousand glass panels and its naval like appearance inspired by yachts sails and seashells.


– Petra – Jordan

Describe Petra is only possible using the term “seeing is believing”. Every lover of ancient cities should visit its common areas such as the Tomb of the obelisks, and the Treasury of Pharaoh, the place where was filmed Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and it has been highlighted as one of the most interesting places in architecture, given the way it was carved up and down on a vertical wall in sandstone.

In addition to the Treasury of Pharaoh, you should also visit the Amphitheatre, the royal tombs and the central area or the monastery.


– The Great Wall of China

Known for being one of the oldest military defense works of architectute, the Great Wall is considered one of the most fascinating architectural spots in the world. Just over 10 million workers died in its construction and, today, only about 30% of the original structure remains intact.

It is consideres to be the bastion of engineering and architecture, not only for its extension of 21,196 Km, but by its construction that was carried out with various materials such as stone, sand, and clay brick blocks. In addition, some areas can reach up to 70 °. It has three doors, watchtowers and a barracks complex having a difficult to access because they were designed to confuse the enemy.


– Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow

Its design is one of a kind. Many have seen the cathedral in movies or read about it. It is the icon of Russian architecture. Its design is a blend of layers staggered with cylindrical shapes, which aimed at the symmetrical constructing of eight churches around the base.


– The Colosseum – Rome

This is the grandfather of the stadiums of the world. At first glance it s a striking bulding given that it is one of the best preserved structures today. It is even visible from anywhere in the historic area of the city. Its design had circular bleachers that revolved around an arena. If you have the opportunity, visit the ruins of the Hypogeum, a labyrinth beneath the sand, which was used to keep the animals in cages and had ramps rose gladiators as they prepared for the fight.

In addition, the visitors had a perfect view of the games and fighting, since the angle of the stands varied from 30 ° to 35 °, to gain more height between platforms.

The design fo sports stadiums and arenas all over the world are inspired by Colosseum.


– Angkor Wat – Cambodia

Among the most important religious structures and archaeological treasures of the world, this is without a doubt one of the most relevant. For years, it has become a haven for backpackers around the world who seek quiet places. Its geometric structure evokes one of the emblems of Tantric Buddhism: the “yantra”.



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