5 interior design apps for the real estate

Nowdays, thanks to technology and innovation, the expert in decoration is just one click away from you. Indeed, there is a multitude of applications for smartphones and tablets that helps you to have an harmonious house. These apps are very useful if you are about to buy a brand new home, or if you want to do some home improvements.

1. Color Smart

This is an app that will help you to visualize how your walls are going to look like before painting. It has several advantages because, it not only helps you to choose the right color according to your decoration, but also it allows you to take a picture of any tone of paint you like and the application will tell you the name to find it on the market. You can even put the dimensions of the room you want to remodel and Smart Color will tell you how many gallons of paint to buy. This is a free app, and works for Android and IOS.

2. Magic Plan

If you need to measure the spaces of your home, this application is ideal for you. Within seconds you can make a complete plan of your home, with exact measurements and shapes in 2D. This will save you time, especially if you’re buying new furniture. This app is also free, but is only designed for Ipad and Iphone.

3. Houzz

If you already have clear measures, and you just need some tips to know how to decorate your house, ‘ Houzz ‘ is the application you need. It has more than 4 million photos of different spaces made and decorated by architects and interior designers, from where you can get ideas for your own home. This application is for IOS and is free.

4. Homestyler

Homestyler is also used for interior design. In this case, you can take pictures of the rooms you want to furnish and you can add different decorative elements (furniture, lamps, sofas, etc.) in 3D, on the picture. The app is free and is for Android and IOS.

5. Home Design 3D

This app is very complete. You can create a house from scratch in a 2D plan, or recreate the common areas of your current real estate. From there, you can decorate it with an array of 3D elements offered by the application. With it, you can paint the walls, choose the floors, and determinate where to place the furniture, among others, so you can build the house of your dreams.

5 interior design apps for the real estate


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