5 smart ideas to decorate small places

When you buy real estate you can´t always choose the biggest place or the one with more space. This does not mean that the quality of life is going to be bad if the common areas are small, you just need to know how to organize the spaces in order to have a beautiful and cozy home. You can do so by following these simple steps:

– Light-colored paints: For small spaces with low lights you must use light colored paints. If you don’t like the white color, you can choose any other such as beige or grey among others. Doing so will allow you to feel the space bigger and brighter, a result you can´t accomplish with dark painting. You will see how these colors will enlarge your home space. You can always buy decorative objects like cushions or lamps with strong colors to have some contrast in the room.

– Simple andright-size furniture: When the spaces are small is better to be minimalist and be away from Rococo or large furniture. You can choose a simple and multipurpose furniture lines. Make sure you know very well the measures of the rooms before going to buy the couch, bed or cabinets. The most important is that you can move easily throught the place, even if you have to sacrifice a coffee table. Always consider the distances when you open any doors, windows, drawers and closet.

– Good lighting: To generate a feeling of spaciousness, lighting is vital. Choose tall and thin floor lamps so they do not occupy more space. Candles are also an excellent choice.

– Specific decoration: When you live in a small home is better if you don´t saturate the space with many decorative objects. On the contrary, try to decorate, for example, with a long and tall plant that gives life to your room and put one colorful painting on the wall. The mirrors also help to enlarge the space. Remember that in small places less is more.

– Shelves: If you want a library or additional space for some of your objects, avoid buying big furniture. By putting shelves on the walls (no exaggeration) you can save space and make your home feel spacious, clean and comfortable. You can also hang the TV to the wall so you can remove unwanted big furniture.

5 smart ideas to decorate small places

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