5 tips before renting an apartment

Before renting always visit the real estate or apartment that you want

If you are thinking about moving to a new home and signing a lease, first you must know some important things so you have a successful process and avoid hoax. Therefore, if you are still not ready to buy real estate, follow this tips to get your dream apartment without troubles.

1) The rent: While there is a golden rule that says that the rent can´t be higher than the 30% of the salary, in Colombia, generally, people ask for an income equal to at least twice the monthly cost of the apartment. However, it is important to study your own situation. Calculate your budget thinking about all the expenses of the month, as the home services, food, among others.

– Know the area and stratum where you are going to live. Note that the higher the stratum, the higher the cost of the services and the rent.

– With or without family? If you live alone you will pay less for light and water, but if you have a big family is better you to double check your budget.

– Compare apartments. Search more apartments in the area where you want to live. You will know if what is offered to you have a fair price, a high price or in the contrary, it is a good chance. You can use Excel with the following bullets. (depending on your needs)

Area m2





Gas or electric

Rental fee


Street address (area)

2) Get ready your paperwork. If you already choose an apartment, and you are going to apply for a study lease application, make sure you have all the papers needed, as these processes have a cost. Also, note that depending on the rental fee you may be asked for 1 or 2 co-debtors with a real estate, so it is better to think who you could put in the lease.

3) At the moment of receiving the apartment. It is very exciting to be in your new home, but it is better to receive it with cool head. Before signing the lease, be careful and note de finishes of the house. Write down, with the property assessor, every damage or detail of the place.

A dirty wall, a broken door, a broken glass or a damaged handle, everything should be reported. Be cautious since that same contract will be reviewed when you leave the apartment and additional damage will be on your own.

4) Know the terms of the contract. One of the main terms you should know is about renewal or termination of the lease. Does it renew automatically? How many months in advance you must say that you are leaving the apartment? What would be the fine if you finish the contract before the end of the year? How much is the increase in the rent if you delay a payment?

6. Cosas para tener en cuenta para arrendar

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