5 tips to sell your real estate

Achieving a successful sell of your real estate depend on many aspects. That is why, Ospinas gives you 5 key advices for you to sell your home fast and without problems.

1) Value your home. The price is very important in the market, so even though the goal is to make the most of your real estate, you must be fair with the price. To do so, evaluate your home with an appraiser. However, you must also do your own research. Look at houses that are on sale and can be similar to yours (areas, number of rooms, location, etc.) and compare prices.

If after 6 months you haven´t sold your home, it´s important to reconsider the total cost of the house, because it may be very high.

2) Papers updated. To close a deal is important to have all the house papers updated. The house title, the water and light bills paid, and an official identification, among others, are some of the documents you must have updated. This will help you to make an easier transaction and to ensure that there are not problems with the papers at the moment to close the deal.

3) Additional costs. Selling a house is not easy, because that requires some transactions, paperwork, and other things that can be an additional expense for you. So if you want to sell your real estate note the following charges you should assume.

a) A real estate agent

b) A cost appraiser

c) Advertisements in different media (Internet and newspapers).

d) Notarial transactions

e) An accountant to help you with the taxes

f) Necessary repairs for the home

4) Love at first sight. The moment when a potential client visits your home is decisive, so start working on your home, because you must clean every corner. Note that the first impression is really important, so if you have a garden or an exterior facade is important to have it impeccable. Paint the walls, polish the floor and make sure there is no dust in the closets or the kitchen.

a) With time. It is very important to have a flexible schedule because potential customers do not necessarily have the day off. Probably you are going to have visitors at lunch time, weekends, after 6 pm and even very early in the morning. Therefore remember to be available at any time and always to have the best disposition. Don’t forget you are the main seller of your own home.

b) If the house is not empty make sure to keep your personal items with religious allusion away from the visitors so your home look more neutral.

5) Market your house. Once you have ready all the tips above, it´s time to announce that you are selling your real estate. To accomplish it there are several methods you can use:

a) Social media. These channels are very good for sharing news. There are also some media that promote the sales within the same network, on a segment way.

b) Place your ad in the local newspaper and in a local web site. Also investigate other web sites that are used in your area to promote such sales.

c) With a real estate office. A quick and effective way to sell your home is with a real Estate office, which will be responsible for promoting the sale and also includes a real estate agent who will take care of the customer service, to contact them, to show the house, etc. The real Estate office will also help you to do the contract and to have all the paperwork done. However, once the house is sold, the real Estate office usually charge a 3% commission on the total cost of the transaction (this could vary between agencies).

8. consejos para vender su finca raiz


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