5 types of architecture you should be aware of

Architecture and its styles have taught us over the years how our ancestors lived and have been a legacy that, today, is still appreciated around the world. Simple, trimmed, high or dark, Ospinas explains the 5 most emblematic architectural styles that every fan of the subject should know and, above all, recognize.

– Baroque: This style is recognized primarily by the amount and variety of ornaments, decorations and arrangements. On buildings it could be seen, using different techniques such as painting, sculpture and the use of gold leaf, among others. This type of architecture is reflected primarely in churches, plazas and palaces in Europe, especially in Italy. The Palace of Versailles, built by Louis Le Vau, is a perfect example of this style where you can appreciate the exuberance of it.

– Neoclassical: This architectural style is a reaction to the Baroque. Although it has some similarities, there are far fewer ornaments, traits are straighter and the columns replaced the arches. In general, it is much more sober and buildings are symmetrical. Moreover, the structures are large, high and wide. It is mostly used for palaces, historic monuments and temples. The Arc de Triomphe built between 1806 and 1836, upon request of Napoleon, is a perfect example of this style.

– Gothic: This is distinguished above all by its recognizable arcs called targeted, that is, instead of being completely curved, it has a point at its apex. Another visible element is the ‘vault’ (two pointed arches that cross at its peak). Gargoyles and stained glass are also part of this architectural style. The colors used are cold. This type of architecture was used mainly for the construction of cathedrals like Notre Dame, located in Paris, whose construction lasted 182 years, ending in 1345.

– Roman: The Romans distinguished themselves by building robust and imposing buildings that have survived to this day. Among arches, stairs, arches and aqueducts, all constructions were made to build up the glory of the emperors. The Colosseum exemplifies this style.

– Postmodern: This style is much more modern and gained popularity in the 70`s. In this case, architects based their work in the innovation and variety as the main element. Postmodern architecture combines several styles, colors and forms, between past and present. The Portland building in Oregon (USA) and the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris are perfect examples of this type of architecture.



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