8 recommendations for sustainable constructions

Ospinas tells you the way to achieve a sustainable building, why this model proposes solutions to the environment and strengthen the economic and social development.

Taking care of the environment through the efficient use of resources when building is increasingly necessary. Therefore, sustainable construction Works in favor of the urban development by using the “minimum amount” of land, energy and water.

It also produces less pollution and waste, which contributes to a better quality of life for people. Consider these eight recommendations that Ospinas gives you to achieve sustainable constructions.

1. Sustainable planning

This is the most important stage of the construction process, because you -as owner- must be properly adviced to choose the kind of materials and determine the correct physical and technological interventions that will integrate with the environment, avoiding any damage that may be caused by any of the elements used.

2. Harnessing natural resources

The sun, wind, vegetation or humidity are some of the natural resources that serve to maximize lighting, thermal and acoustic comfort provided by the environment.

3. Energy efficiency

It aims at the production of energy used from renewable sources like the sun, to ensure sustainable development and to help minimize the effects of climate change.

4. Saving water

It is very important that you contemplates the use of systems that allow the use of rainwater as well as its reuse.

5. Waste management

Try to minimize the amount of waste and count with an area for recycling.

6. Air quality and indoor environment

During construction make sure that all elements used are ecofriendly. Consider ventilated environments and devices that enable air renewal.

7. Thermal comfort – Acoustic

It is very annoying to work or live in a place where noise, heat or bitter cold come across your everyday life. Therefore, it is important to review systems for air conditioning and artificial soundproofing. And, of course, note that the devices to be used have low environmental impact.

8. Rational use of materials

Avoid using materials such as paints, glues or other products that can have negative impacts on the environment or your health. Use environmentally friendly products and technologies.

Examples of sustainable building today

– Museo del Mañana – Río de Janeiro

This development includes two ponds and several green areas, and the use of photovoltaic panels using full sunlight.

– Muottas Muragl Hotel – Switzerland

In the Swiss Alps there is one of the most sustainable buildings in the world, using solar panels and geothermal energy heaters that save energy consumption by 64%. The rooms are made from pine, local stone and walnut.

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