Advantages to living close to a park

A city with green areas gives importance to life. Urban trees are responsible for bettering the quality of air we breathe and reducing the levels of contamination as well as fighting climate change. Parks also fulfill a key role in promoting people’s recreation and fitness. Living close to nature is a source of life for human beings, which is why Ospinas tells you why choosing a property as close as possible to these areas can change your future and the future of your family.

– Health: People who buy a house close to nature don’t only breathe better quality air, but also take more advantage of these areas, doing activities that can improve their health such as walking, running, or riding a bike. In fact, living close to a park can have a positive impact on your body and can reduce stress and anxiety levels. A study by VU University in Amsterdam with 300,000 Dutch children and adults found that those individuals who lived close to green areas had fewer ailments than those who did not live close to nature.

– Investment: In the long term, buying a house close to a park could not only add value to the place through the years, but also, should you want to sell it, it will be easier and faster than those whose houses are not close to green spaces. So living close to a park will not only benefit your health, but also your wallet.

– Family: Green areas are also places to exercise and be social. They are spaces for your children to develop and connect with nature, separating them from technology that, as a source of fun, contributes little to their education and creative development.

– For animal lovers: Having your property close to a park is also ideal for those who have dogs or cats in their house. Being close to green areas, you can take your furry friends out more easily, and they will also be able to burn off some energy without damaging valuable household items.


Benefits of living close to nature

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