Architecture in 2015

Like clothes, the urban style changes with the time. Before, it was the Baroque and Gothic fashion, passing by minimalism. Today, mixed and sustainable styles are imposed, those which blend with the environment and are, above all, multifunctional. Ospinas tells you which ones are the 5 more important trends, from the architectural point of view

– Intelligent constructions. The intelligent houses and buildings gradually will replace all the structures, and soon, there will be intelligent cities. These projects, from the construction point of view, make use of high technology that helps in different fronts, such as communications, automation of the processes, water and energy saving, among others. Houses are also getting smarter, facilitating the life of its inhabitants

– Environmentally sustainable buildings. Architecture is increasingly caring about the environment, which is why it is hoping to have sustainable buildings that have a positive impact on the planet. Therefore, the landscape has come to life, integrated directly into the design of concrete structures, as seen in the green walls or living walls. Architecture is also beginning to use recycled materials for new projects, or is also reusing old buildings structures. The realization of 3D spaces is also gaining strength reducing the use of harmful materials to the environment.

– The invisible architecture. This has begun to prevail in certain countries. It objective is to generate symbiosis with the space where the construction is, for example walls covered by mirrors, avoiding visual pollution.

– Sponge parks. Because there are several sources of water, such as rivers or channels that are contaminated by human beings, there was the need to find a way to clean them effectively. Therefore, a project was born in the city of New York to make this process in the Gowanus Canal, which is infested with toxic waste and sewage. In this case, the goal is to create a park and wetlands with selected plants that help purify the water. If this project is successful, these sponge parks could proliferate in other cities as it is environmental and visually beneficial.

– Mixed-use projects. It is possible to find various styles of installations in the same space. Indeed, today there are shopping centers with offices or residential apartments within the same building. Constructions are increasingly looking for more multifunctionality, including residences spaces, supplying the needs of the inhabitants.

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