Beautify your real estate with shelves

Using shelves in your house allows you to optimize the space in your real estate; also, it makes easier to personalize your home decoration. They can be used in the bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen and living room. If you live in a small construction, the use of shelves with personalized designs – If you wish so– can be the best option for you. Likewise, in the new real estate projects, the use of this kind of furniture is increasing.

Organizing the toys, decorating your bedroom, or having a library, are some of the multiple uses for the shelves. Ospinas tells you some of the places where you can use it. Don’t forget to be completely sure about the size of the space where you want to place the shelves.

1. In the kids bedroom. It is recommended to use shelves in the childen’s bedroom to make easier the access to the things they need. Make sure to place the shelves at the kid’s height, so you avoid accidents and problems when they try to take their toys, books or paintings.

2. The library. It is well known that the shelves are great for organizing books, making easier to place them and find them. It is recommended to place the shelf in the house as a library to put there all the books you have in different places of your home. The libraries, decorated with other objects such as vases or picture frames, can give a feeling of design and order inside your home.

3. Besides helping you to organize the space, the shelves in the bathroom are a very good decoration choice. Remember that it is necessary a resilient wall to hang the shelf, because it must resist the weight. It is also suggested, if the space is reduced, not to buy large shelves, it is better to use the height of the bathroom to put some shelves, and put the things you don’t use in the higher one.


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