Build and decorate your home thinking about the safety of your children

Keep your children safe from accidents at home. Ospinas tells you how to do it.

To buy a new home because your family has grown in members will always be an important moment for any parent. Ospinas gives you some useful tips to keep in mind when visiting your new potential home, always thinking about the safety of your children.


“I’m going to build my new home”

When going over the architectural plans of your future home, there are several things to keep in mind to ensure the welfare of your family:

– Windows in your children´s room: Make sure that windows have a lock that´s out of reach of your children and that it´s difficult to open or, if necessary, put temporary security bars, especially if you live on a high floor. Additional to this, if you install curtains, make sure there are with no visible cords, if they do, the recommendation is to attach it very well in order to prevent any accidents.

– Paintings: Do not think only in the color of your walls, also keep in mind that some of these substances can be toxic to babies, so it´s important to use water-based paints and avoid oil-based ones, as they leave a number of toxins in the air that can affect pregnant women.

– Floors: If you want to put a carpet in any room, choose one that´s easy to clean in order to prevent accumulation of dust or other harmful objects to children, like pins, small objects, etc. On the other hand, you can choose hardwood floors.

Other recommendations

– Avoid placing the crib or other tall objects near windows, so that children cannot climb them.

– Use protective plugs for electrical outlets in common areas and in rooms. Arrange the cables, put them out of reach of children´s hands.

– Close and secure doors so that small children don´t hurt their hands. If you have a two story home, install security doors for children by the stairs and even at bedrooms.

– If you have glass doors, stick or paste distinctive stickers so that your children see them when they are closed.

222Construya y decore pensando en la seguridad de sus hijos

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