Cartagena´s hotel and commercial advantages

Cartagena is without a doubt one of the cities with the largest growth in hotel capacity in the country, since it focuses not only in a huge tourist offer but also trade and consumers.

These particular characteristics drive the construction of hotel complexes and mixed commercial proyects that offer comfort  with the colonial spirit that characterizes the city.

What are the reasons for the importance of Cartagena?

It is one of the most popular destinations for conventions and business events in the country, due to its infrastructure and location. Standing by the Caribbean, Cartagena has become one of the most important ports in the region for commercial trade and tourism. Its economic importance attracts investors from all over the world.

On the other hand Cartagena has much of the history of South America, with its colonial architecture and general cultural appeal.

Vacationing or business in Cartagena?

Ospinas has given a step forward with the construction of a large building complex that combines three major projects to deliver innovation and comfort to those residing occasionally in the city, whether for business or pleasure.

We invite you to find out about the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the h2 Condominium and Bocagrande Plaza Shopping Mall, which will receive it´s visitors in a strategic sector of Cartagena, close to colonial district and the Convention Center.

Cartagena y sus ventajas hoteleras y comerciales

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