Christmas decorative trends 2014

Like every year, Christmas is in all homes, through the elegant and refined rooms decoration. In 2014, the trend leave the tradicional red and green aside, changing it for more light and warm colors, recalling the nordic countries covered in snow. Ospinas gives you some of the guidelines to decorate your home on this cold season.

– Clear tones: This time colors like apple green, light blue, purple and white are predominant. To add a touch of warmth to the common areas or to the table, you can also combine the decoration with golden elements. But, the silver is ideal if you opt for a snowy environment.

– Elegance first. This time is ideal for using special crystal glasses and silverware. Use candles and stars to decorate the room. This Christmas you can even decorate with other animals such as owls, birds and squirrels.

– Natural Christmas. Another trend this year is to make a connection with nature. Wood, flowers and pineapples are perfect to use in this kind of decoration. The goal is to have a very organic feeling, away from the garlands and the plastic deers, along with other objects of this type.

– Minimalist style. As generally seen in the trends of recent years, minimalism is also a trend for Christmas. There is no need to use thousands of objects on the table or the tree. We recommend using certain geometric shapes and picking only two colors to give a feeling of elegance and simplicity, opposite to the usually recharged christmas decorations.

– The lighting is very important. As previously mentioned, feel free to decorate with candles to warm up the environment. Also place decorative lights on the tree, white if posible, it will create the impression that it is snowy.

– These are a representative symbol of Christmas. You can use it not only in the doors, but also as a decorative element inside the home, hanging them on the windows, walls and even putting them on the table.

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