How can I decorate small spaces?

Living in houses or apartments with little space is pretty common these days. Day to day, many individuals are confronted with finding practical solutions for decorating their homes, and they see the transformation of small spaces into larger spaces impossible. However, if you are one of the people who see decoration in small spaces as a big challenge, follow these 5 practical tips brought to you by Ospinas to easily transform the spaces on your property.

  1. Enhance natural light: In order to expand a space, maximum priority should be given to natural light. Use curtains or blinds on the windows with light tones that do not have many designs or textures.
  2. Use soft colors on the walls: Don’t hesitate to choose neutral colors for the walls in your home. The use of grey, white, beige, and also cream or pastel colors will enhance the area and give a great feeling of space.
  3. Choose minimalist furniture: Each one of the pieces that you choose should be functional and adapted to the space. For example, when decorating a living room, choose furniture that is absolutely necessary, such as a pair of chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table. Decorate your space always thinking of the following phrase: “more is less.” Cramming small spaces with furniture is a big mistake, making it look even smaller.
  4. Choose small things: Considering that the area to be decorated is small, pick small things to decorate it with. Never use table or floor lamps that can take over the space, and don’t use huge vases or works of art that produce a negative visual effect. On the contrary, make use of decorative elements such as coffee table books or simple acrylic decorations. In these cases, minimalist tendencies best decorate the space.
  5. Add mirrors: Mirrors are your best friends, considering that they have the ability to generate reflections, giving a sense of space.

Simple tricks and ideas to transform small spaces.


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