Create a stress free area in your real estate.

Traffic jams, work, bosses. Everyday life can be stressful, this is why its so important to have a space in your home where you can can relax, read a book or listen to music. Follow these tips gives by Ospinas.

– Choose the right spot. An ideal place to relax can be a terrace, a porch or a room with natural light and good ventilation. This location should not be the same you might used as an office. The goal is that you can read, listen to music or even do yoga. So it should not be a very large space, but isolated from the everyday rush.

– Choose cool calm tones. Stay away from colors like red or orange. Choose instead cream and beige, with notes of blue, green and even purple, to créate a peaceful environment.

– The lighting is key. Soft lighting is ideal for this type of spaces. It will help you meditate, rest or do relaxation exercises. Natural light is the best option. If you just want to read, you must have a good lamp

– With natural decoration. In these cases, decorated with wooden furniture. Make sure that your chair is comfortable enough. You can also go for a hanging chair (be sure that the ceiling are firm enough to support the weight) or a hammock.

– Plants are also key in the decoration process. Make a green wall or include several pots on a shelf, at different levels.

Create your own quiet space in your real estate.

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