Decorate your property with frames made by you

The “Do it Yourself” trend (in Spanish “Hágalo Usted Mismo”) has rapidly become popular in all corners of the planet. This movement rejects the idea of having to buy everything we need from others, encouraging you to make or repair things on your own and also helping to save money.

In this respect, many times people do not have the budget to invest in decorative elements for their walls. Frames, paintings, and photos are costly, thus the walls stay empty. Because of this, and so that you are not left wanting to have something hanging, Ospinas gives you 4 novel ideas for decorating the walls on your property:

– Frames with natural elements: Use branches, fruit, and dry leaves to decorate your spaces, bring the best elements of nature to your walls. To achieve this, get a frame that has some depth between the glass and the back of the frame, and use transparent glue to attach the elements in a harmonic way.

– Pop Art Pictures: Choose a self-portrait of your preference and transform it into a picture full of color. To achieve this, make amplified photocopies with high levels of contrast. Use plastic paint, selecting a color for each one of the pictures and another tone for the filler. For example, use red for the background and yellow for the filler.

– Pictures with letters: Decorate the inside of cardboard boxes and use wooden or plastic letters of different sizes to create a composition. You will have modern and creative pictures on the walls of your property, and more importantly, ones created by you.

– Different sizes and colors: For this idea, you only need to get some stencils of different shapes and styles, paint them in bright colors if you wish, and print several images that you like or your own photos. Hang them irregularly, varying among sizes, tones, and shapes. This will give a fun aspect to your space. But also, don’t exaggerate. Put them in a defined zone, and if you want, you can also leave gaps. This also works!

Ideas and tricks to decorate the walls in your home

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