Decorate your property with your pets in mind

Living with a pet is more than just joy and happiness. It comes with a series of responsibilities that, as an animal owner, you need to take on. Among these are the care, cleaning, and adaptation of your property for your pet. Ospinas gives you some recommendations to keep in mind so that everyone lives in harmony.

– If your new companion is a dog, you should give him his own space. In general, this is in the kitchen, where you can put a bed and food and water bowls. It is important that this place be fresh and shaded. In the first few months, we recommend laying down newspaper in this area in order to help with cleaning while he is learning to use the bathroom outside.

Dogs are curious and they try everything they find. Because of this, it is important to make sure there are no small objects or cleaning products within reach of your dog because he could harm himself.

Know the dog breed you’re getting. Does it have a lot of energy? Is it lazy? Is it a big or little dog? Understanding the characteristics of each breed allows you to choose which one fits best with your character and your If you have a small apartment, choose a dog that is the same size and with little energy. If you have a yard where the animal can run, choose bigger breeds with more energy.

Prepare yourself! When they are anxious or depressed, these animals can chew your furniture, broom closet, walls, and more. So, fill yourself with patience and put limits in your house, physical or mental for your puppy.

Hard floor or carpet? Another factor to keep in mind is the hair. Is it long or short? Does he shed a lot? If this is the case, it is better to have a wood floor, or some other type of material. With time, carpet accumulates hair and is more difficult to clean.

If your pet is a cat you should know that all of the shelves, bookshelves, and other things will be investigated. Cats are restless and climb on everything, so it is important to put your fragile objects in a safe place because they could end up on the floor.

Shelves are your cat’s friends. Different sizes and levels. These are used as high places where they can protect themselves if they feel in danger. This type of shelves is not for decorative objects, but rather is a transit route for your friend. This will help with their comfort. If possible look for rough material, not smooth, so the cat doesn’t slide.

Protect your plants. The dirt and leaves of your plants will be in danger with the arrival of your new friend. To avoid that they climb on and damage the plants, you can put aluminum on the dirt and, on the big leaves, apply a mixture of olive oil with a little bit of Tabasco so they don’t eat them.

Prepare a space where your cat can do his nails. By nature, felines file their nails, which can be bothersome when they do it on your sofa or other furniture. To avoid this, get a play tower for cats, made of wicker, or make your own. If there is a place where they tend to scratch, put a board covered with wicker there so they scratch that instead.

Ospinas tells you how to live in harmony with your four-legged friend.


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