Discover the benefits of living in a smart home

Have you ever thought of having control of your home from an electronic device? Ospinas recommends the advantages of investing in an intelligent system for your home.

If you are considering moving to a new real estate, smart homes are the best option to organize your time, have more security and interactivity at home, save energy and control appliances and facilities.

Through the use of devices and sensors connected to the Internet, you can control everything from your cell phone. Deactivate an alarm, open or close electric gates, play music, turn on the heating or talk on speaker with the members of your household are some of the technological features you can manage.

Several of the companies dedicated to this service focus on control lighting, air conditioning, home theaters, video conferencing, among others. Budgets can vary depending on the level of technology you want to install at home.

Advantages related to a smart home?

– Automatic cleaning thanks to the use of air ducts set inside your home.

– Energy saving, since you can control the temperature and lighting.

– Schedule an exact time for switching on or off electronic devices. For example: shutters, alarms, close the garage door or turn your pool filter.

– Security for your home and family. If you are on vacation you can simulate the illusion that there is someone at the house through the control of lights.

As for intelligent products that can be incorporated, the most used are:

– Use of tablets to control lights, curtains and televisions.

– Washing machines that can be controlled from your cell phone.

– Refrigerators connected to WIFI that send alerts to your phone when it is the time to visit the supermarket.



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