Eco-friendly ideas to decorate your property

Today, climate change is a topic of absolute transcendence for all humanity. Environmentalist movements look to generate conscience around the world regarding the conservation and recuperation of natural resources, promoting campaigns for the planet.

Faced with this reality, is it possible to transfer these environmental principles to home decoration? The answer to this question can be summarized in that interior decorating is not a question of money, but rather creativity and coherence. Because of this, Ospinas gives you a few innovative and eco-friendly ideas for decorating your property.

– Use secondhand furniture: If you want to decorate your home respecting environmental principles, get the idea of going to a store and buying new décor out of your head. Use objects that you find in antique stores or in the basement of your house and transform them into creative and innovative decorative elements. For example, buy an old radio and use it as a decoration for your bookshelf, or buy old armchairs and give them new upholstery.

– Keep food containers: Reuse all glass containers and packages used for salsa or marmalades that you buy at the supermarket because you can use them later to save condiments. Use them as decorative objects on your shelves, painting them different colors and using them as candleholders. You can also use them as vases, giving a modern aspect to your home.

– Use ladders as shelves: Do you have an old ladder sitting in your basement? With some simple wooden planks on top, you can have a new bookshelf, giving it an industrial, eco-friendly, and very creative aspect to your property.

– Eco-friendly paints: Always choose paints that do not have elements that can impact the ozone layer when they evaporate. Normally, eco-friendly paints are water-based, less toxic, don’t have a smell, and dry faster.

Environmental friendly decoration in your property



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