Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy applied at home

To have at home a pleasant atmosphere that reflects your personality is the purpose of the Chinese philosophical doctrine that, before decorating a space, hopes to fill your home with a good vibes.

We promise not to mention big candles and sculptures of ancient dragons. This kind of Taoist tradition has an effect on those around it and, especially, in the spaces. Being an ancient tradition, Feng Shui is a technique in which users combine different types of colors in their homes and work spaces in order to achieve a perfect balance of energies.

If the colors influence the mood of people, imagine its benefits in the different areas of your home. However, everything is a matter of balance.

Furthermore, regarding architectural design, Feng Shui has innovated the way to see a construction project, as it takes into account environmental factors and how they influence each person; it studies the place, analyzed from the design point of view which are the best areas to locate the rooms, the kitchen and other spaces as well as recommending the most desirable building materials, the best finishes work and of course, the interior design.

Ospinas gives you some tips to give a new look to the interior of your home; following these tips and techniques will undoubtedly improve the quality of life of your family and the look of your home.

– When decorating your kitchen use clear colors. Lemon, light green, or blue work well.

– The entrance of your home must be well lighted. According to Feng Shui, it radiates positive energy that spreads to other common areas of the home.

– Regarding rooms, it is recommended that the furniture are located at an angle of 90° and decorations should consist of books, musical objects and rocking chairs.

– It is recommended wide stair cases, as these conduct the energy at home.

– The colors of the bathrooms should also be clear colors.

– The bedroom should have a square or rectangular shape. Place a lamp on each side of the bed. These are the cardinal points related to health, energy and mood.


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