Follow these tips for decorating with yellow your real estate.

Yellow can be a tricky tone to use for decorating your real estate, because, if not mixed right with the rest of the environment, it may prove to intrusive and irritating. However, a touch of yellow in various areas will give vitality and energy to your home. So dare to use it through the following tips.

– With what colors should I mix it? If you decide to paint a wall full of yellow (either vibrant or pale), neutral shades are the best choice to decorate the rest of the space. Different shades of gray are perfect to combine. Use them on furniture, tables and charts. The color black is a bit more daring because it generates a large contrast.

– Use the yellow to highlight objects or spaces. The chair, dresser or part of a wall, are flashes that will revitalize the environment. Serve with smaller elements that help to harmonize the space as a lamp of the same tone or flowers, like sunflowers.

– Natural light. If you are looking to highlight the natural light source, add a yellow curtains. These will help the room or living room look brighter.

To learn more about the benefits of each color you plan to use in the interior design of your real estate, Ospinas encourages you to read this article on color therapy.

Ospinas tells how to decorate with yellow.


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