For an inclusive and friendly urban future

Real estate projects should not only be focus on being sustainable and innovative, but should also be gentle and inclusive with people that have any sort of physical disabilities.

When undertaking new real estate projects, architects and builders should consider different standards to provide appropriate conditions for people with disabilities so they can lead a better life.

From the architectural point of view there are several elements that can make life easier for those who have physical disabilities. Roadways, parking spaces and ramps, can make a big difference to them.

Thus, to ensure an urban development that improves the quality of life for all, Ospinas always considers the following key elements and seeks to include them in its large-scale projects:

– Ramps: These are essential for people who mobilize with the aid of wheelchairs, crutches, canes, or people who have prosthetic limbs.

– Elevators: These should be wide, have guardrails and clear audible and visual signs for people with visual impairment and / or hearing.

– Bathrooms (community halls): If it´s institutional bathrooms, they must have adequate facilities for short people and for those with the aforementioned conditions.

– Signaling: It´s essential that public and high traffic areas are properly marked for everyday use as well as emergencies.

– Parking spaces: Communal areas all must have special parking spaces for people with disabilities, and marked with the dimensions stablished by law.

Por un futuro urbano influyente y amable para todos


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