Furnish your dining room with style thanks to Ospinas

The dining room is a important place, it is the where family and friends gather to share a meal. Therefore, this place should be cozy and comfortable. Follow these simple tips that Ospinas gives you.

– Dining room. The table and chairs, usually, must be of the same style and type of wood. However, it is not a rule. You can play around with color and upholstered chairs, if your table is in a neutral tone. For example, put a black table with red chairs and enhance color with another decorative item as a centerpiece or flowers.

– If the dining room is shared with the kitchen, it is best to choose a simple style that goes according to its decoration. If, however, it is separate, the dining room can have its own personality. In that case, the colors black and white are trend, giving the place an elegant finish.

– If space is tight, avoid putting other furniture that divert attention from the table.

– The light is always important. In this case, we recommend using a hanging lamp in the middle of the table. The height of the lamp is important, it should´t be too low, thus preventing people to see each other, but not very high. If the table is long, you can put two lamps.

– Decoration around this area. The use of a cabinet or a shelf is common, especially for crockery or glassware. However, evaluate if necessary. Otherwise, put a table against the wall, where you have a vase or other decorative object.

– On the walls hang a mirror or a painting.



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