Give a new look to your home with some painting

If you want to give your home a different look, you don´t need to do a big construction or to remodel your entire home, you can opt for painting the walls. This will make a big change in the common areas or rooms of your real estate, giving it a new look. Nevertheless before you start to put color on your walls, read the following tips:

1) Prepare the walls before painting. If the walls of your home are smooth, first clean them with a wet towel and then with a dry one for dusting. Doing so, you will have a good application of the colors. If the wall is damaged, (with cracks for example), it is recommended to scrape softy any cracked place, until you smooth them away.

2)Protect your furniture. Be very careful with you furniture. The paint is not easy to wash, and you don’t want to stain your chairs or tables. A good idea is to place the furniture in the center of the room, and cover it up with plastic or cloth. Use newspaper to protect the floor. When painting, protect the outlets and switches, and anything else you don’t want to be painted.

a) Be careful with the Buy masking tape and paste it in the sides of the wall where the ceiling meet the wall.

3) Choose the colors. The color palette has a lot of options, however, it is important to know the tones you already use in your home. Think about which colors can complement or mix with the ones you already have in your

a) When you are going to buy the paint, take with you a cloth or an object of the color you want to buy. Ask an expert to avoid any mistake.

b) White is a color you can use with any other colors and styles.

c) It is not necessary to paint all the walls. If you are using strong colors it is recommended to paint just one of your room walls. One wall is enough for changing the look of the room.

 4) It is important the size of the space. One of the most important things you have to note is the size of the room you want to paint, because depending on the size you must choose the color saturation. In small spaces, is better to opt for light tones like white, beige, pale gray or pastel colors. This will bring light to your room making it look bigger. Strong colors should be used in big spaces.

5) The green mint is trendy. This refreshing and soft tone is appropriate for any room in your home. This color is used in touristic homes with hot weather, but right now is coming to cities with cold weather. In general, it mix with white and brown, or wooden materials. Also, the black, is an ideal color to generate contrast. However, the magenta, and green apple are ideal to give a touch of life to the room.

7. Dele un nuevo aire a su hogar con un poco de pintura


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