Guide to build a tree house

A tree house is one of those places that children turn into their favorite playground. Imagination should not be a limiting factor for the construction of a custom model that matches your preferences. What to look for? No need to be an expert in carpentry, Ospinas gives some tips, take note.

What do you need?

Stems, leaves, ropes, biodegradable plastic, wooden planks, goggles, a nail gun, a drill, measuring tape, a saw, fixing bolts and screws.

Selecting a tree

It is not advisable to build on very young or very old tree because it could not hold the weight of the construction. Also, make sure that there is no evidence of parasites. Therefore you should always seek the advice from an arborist to assess the state of the tree.


Note any restrictions (private or public property) to build the house in a certain section of your neighborhood and share the idea with your neighbors beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

Make a sketch

When working on the design, consider the growth of the tree so that the measures suited to their tastes and avoid any damage. Places like Urbanarbolismo in Spain, currently offer free designs and various catalogs tree houses.

Choose trees with branches in a V shape, as they offer more safety. The design must advocate for the triangular shapes to achieve an appropriate balance in construction.

Support method

There are three types of support that you can use in the construction to strengthen the surface of your tree house. The first is using complementary poles to the tree structure to prevent damage to the body, in wood and branches. The second is to use bolts and beams. The third is by using a slurry method with resistant ropes attached to the support branches. Remember that each technique varies according to the design you choose.


Use plywood for the walls of the house for them to remain firm. Think about ventilation and natural light.


According to the chosen style, you can decide which is best for you. From the traditional staircase, or even a rope. Evaluate which is the safest method.

Branches and safety

Do not build the tree house very high. If you have children, buildings ranging between 2 and 2.5 meters. Make sure to put at the base of tree padded cushions or mats if a fall occur.

Ceiling and painting

Painting will give your tree house a more striking and aesthetic appearance. Keep in mind that the wood must be waterproof in order to prevent deformations or cracks caused by the rain.


Consejos para construir una casa en el árbol

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