¿Hardwood floors or rug? Ospinas tells you its advantages and disadvantages

In a new home there are things you want to change. One of the decisions that can sometimes raise questions is whether to put hard Wood floors or a rug. That’s why Ospinas tells what are the advantages and disadvantages of each.



– Carpeting, usually costs less to put a hardwood floor, so that the cost-benefit balance is very good.

– Helps muffle the noise, especially for neighbors or family.

– Absorbs dust that remain in the fibers of the mat and is removed when cleaning and vacuuming.

– Generates a feeling of warmth. If your real estate is cold, it is recommended, especially for the rooms so you dont have to suffer at night or in the morning when you have to get out of bed.

– Rugs provide some security, since they avoid people from slipping.

– There is a wide range of rugs for everyone.


– They requires daily maintenance. Remove a spot of chocolate or jam from them can be difficult. We recommend cleaning your carpeting with a professional once a year, which can be costly.

– If you have pets, the accumulation of hair, in addition to family, can become a problem, especially for people with asthma.


Hardwood floors


– The hardwood floors are easy to maintain. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming is enough to keep them clean and shiny.

– They are resistant to water and sun. They do not stain as easily and last much longer.

– The dont trap odors.

– If damaged, the repair process is easy.


– They are cold and hard. Especially if you like to walk barefoot at home.

– They could be somewhat insecure since people may slip.

– Installation requires professional and the same materials (wood, ceramic, marble) cost more than the carpet.

The floors and rugs have a different function. Ospinas tells you what they are.


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