¿Having a real estate or going to a hotel?


It could be complicated to choose whether to buy a real estate in a coast city or to go to a hotel on the holidays, since there are different aspects to consider, many of them related with personality. In order to help you, Ospinas gives you some advice so you can make the best decision for you and your family.

– Do you enjoy traveling to new places? If the main objective when you travel is to visit new places and discover the world, the best choice is a hotel. You will find one anywhere around the world. However, if you are someone who enjoy the tranquility and comfort of a relaxing holiday in a place you already know, tourist housing may be ideal for you. If you are still not sure, ask yourself how often you go to the same place during the holidays. Do you often repeat a place or do you change a lot of destination?

There are several factors that must be considered.

Buying a real estate as a holiday home could be a high investment at the beginning, but you could escape from work stress whenever you wish, without paying the nights you are staying at that place. Also, another benefit of having a holiday home is that you can rent it while you are not using it, which can give you a significant return of the investment. However, you should be aware of the home arrangement. Also note the cost of the property taxes and services throughout the year.

– The comfort.

A hotel could be you best choice if you are looking for total relaxation. In a hotel you don´t have to think about cleaning or cooking, since the hotel offers you all the services so you don’t have to worry about anything.

However, if you enjoy more a private place, where you don´t have to cross with many people, but only with your family circle, a holiday home is the place for you. Besides feeling the comfort of your home, you can also bring as many guests as you like.

Finally, one does not exclude the other. At the beginning you can travel and enjoy the hotels, and in a future you can save some money in order to buy your own touristic home, for your family or even for your retirement, which will always mean a good investment.

¿Having a real estate or going to a hotel?

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