How to be a good neighbor?

With population and construction growing in the cities, is harder to find a real estate where you don´t have any neighbors, due to most of the constructions are apartments with thin walls and ceilings that allow you to hear the footsteps of the neighbors. However, Ospinas gives you 5 useful advices for you to have a good relationship with your neighbors.

1. Be nice since day one. If you are moving to a new home, try to be kind and greet your new neighbors. Normally the encounters are in the stairs or the elevator. Greeting them will be enough to start a good relationship. Also try to know who lives in the apartments around yours, because knowing so contribute to your family and house safety.

2. Be careful with the noise. Even when you are sharing your home only with your family, your apartment is very close to your neighbor´s apartment. Don’t do to others what you don’t want done to you. Make an effort and don´t be loud. Be careful with the music and TV at night.

a) If you are having a meeting. with friends and you know is going to be a bit louder than usual be sure to notify your neighbors. You can leave them a note under the door or you can talk with them. By doing so you allow them to be prepared for the noise and also you are going to start a relationship of trust and, in the future, they are going to tell you when they have a similar event at their homes.

b) Respect. Always try to be more cautious at night, you don´t know if someone in another residence is suffering an illness or had a bad day. Remember that although your neighbor can´t see you, they can hear you. Also avoid hammering after 6:00 pm or on a Sunday.

3. Pets. If you have a dog, it is recommended to have him with a leash when taking him inside the building, because some of your neighbors might be afraid of dogs or you can also avoid an accident with the kids who live in the building.

a) Dogs barking. This could be headache for some neighbors. It is important that the dog is well trained.

4. Take care of the shared spaces.

a) Occupy your own parking space. Avoid parking outside the lines or leaving the car with the trunk outside the parking space. These could make more difficult the parking for others.

b) Don´t throw big elements on the trash. It could obstruct the trash chute. If you have big garbage bags, it is better for you to go down stairs and throw them directly in the can.

C) If your kid is having an ice cream and it falls in the floor, or if your pet have an accident, you must clean. Don´t leave a mess on the floor.

5. Be consistent. As you are respecting the conduct rules, it is important to know that also you can ask your neighbors to respect them. If there are some of them who, for example, break your sleep several times, or obstruct the road of your car, you can talk to the administration. Nevertheless, be consistent. If you make noises sometimes and nobody bothers you, don´t ask to your neighbors to be quiet at all times.

a) Don´t be uncompromising. To live in peace you need a dose of patient. That, is the gold rule.

4. reglas de oro para ser un buen vecino


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