How to install a vertical garden in your home?

Known for saving space and giving a different and unique touch, vertical gardens are increasingly the preferred choice for those looking for a natural environment. Install one at home simply requires some dedication and a few hours of work.
Having plants and other vegetation at home not only serves a decorative or artistic purpose. They also have great benefit for physical and mental health. Therefore, having this kind of gardens can be a great choice to decorate.
Surely you have seen it in office buildings, restaurants or shopping malls. We tell you what you need and a step by step guide to create one at home. If you are passionate about gardening and a faithful believer in the popular “do it yourself”, this is your chance to create your dream garden.
If you are handy with tools, you have some ground covered. So take note…
What do you need?
– Buy or recycle five or six cylindrical channels -suitable for the water lines- and cover the edges with caps for gutters.
– Drill two holes at the ends to allow water drainage.
– Fix the gutters one below the other on one of the walls or to a fence. Consider the light entry and the physical conditions of the environment.
– Choose your plants. You need small plants that dont require much space for the roots to growth.
If you want to install wooden pallets we recommend that the wood is treated with heat and not with pesticides.
– Cover the sides and the part that will be supported on the wall with landscape fabric and seal it with a stapler. Make sure that the plants you choose grow between planks of wood.
Other commonly used types of vertical gardens are pots. Choose pots that have the same size and better, if they are of different colors.
– How to install them? Easy. Go to a hardware store to find material that could work to secure them on the walls. For aesthetic purposes, place them at different heights.

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