How to make a spa in your bathroom?

Having a relaxing moment after work, letting the stress go, and to immerse in your own thoughts, is something you can accomplish in your own home. And yes, thanks to these six advices that Ospinas gives to you, you can transform your bathroom in a spa, without remodeling it.

– Roll the towels and put them in a wicker basket gives a ‘spa’ air to the bathroom. Avoid to leave them hanging or on the floor, because the order is the ultimate friend of tranquility. Also, it is recommended to have small cloths close to the sink in order to clean your hands or face with them.

– You can also use wicker baskets to put dirty clothes.

– Lighting is very important for you to have a relaxing space. To achieve this you can buy a low intensity bulb and decorate the room with scented candles. They are an excellent choice, especially when taking a shower or getting into the tub. Of course, be careful of not to put them under any textile or material that can be burn.

– A natural touch. Nature is always very relaxing. That is why we recommended bamboo arrangements or other plant that support moisture and does not need much light, especially if your bathroom has no windows. You don´t need to fill the space of plants, you will need just one.

– Wood or stone type furniture will help you to feel at peace. Also, open shelves give a feeling of spaciousness, especially in small spaces, with the disadvantage that it should always be very well organized, as the content will be at the sight of everyone.

– Light colors. For walls or decoration the light colors are recommended, like white, apple green or blue sky. Avoid bright colors because they will alter your mood.

o To give more life to your bathroom , you can make a wall with small tiles.

– Mirrors and decoration. It is recommended to use iron, glass or wood tones for decorations. For example, opt for using glass containers for the cotton or the cotton swabs. Also opt for large mirrors, whether too simple or rococo type edges.

– Avoid having to many things, creams and objects. The more clean and organized the bathroom, the calmer it will be.

6. como hacer un ba§o tipo spa


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