How to renew your home with new proposals for interior finishes?

It is not an easy task but if its properly planed, renew your property with new interior finishes can be an activity that not only let your imagination run wild, but it will make your home a more attractive space.

Remodeling your home is very similar to the world of fashion: you decide what to use, what is trending and what is best way to have a different look. Renew common areas in your home works the same way as they require creativity when flirting with light, objects, colors and spaces. In addition, improving internal finishes will be the “icing on the cake” to the aesthetics of the interior of your home more attractive and make a difference.

However, before thinking of remodeling, get advice from an expert to check the condition of the pipes; detect humidities or identify cracks for the type of structural modification to be performed and how to distribute the objects in your home.
Then seek advice from an interior designer for the best choice of finishes that will create new environments. In addition, you can also check references on Web Sites such as Mi Casa Magazine or Build Home, since they offer a wide variety of tips related to homedeco.

Ospinas offers some of the most innovative interior finishes which will be useful in modernizing your home… Take note.

– Brick on sight: Thanks to its appearance, it offers a warm and modern atmosphere.

– Use the stucco: When applied to walls, the result is a flat, smooth and glossy finish.

– Stone: It is one of the most interesting textures for internal finishes.

– Polished finishes are also another great option.

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