Ideas to save and make use of space in every area of your property

With the correct use of space in your property you can generate an incredible feeling of spaciousness. This without a doubt will have a positive impact on the quality of life of your whole family and will allow them to live more comfortably and calmly. For this reason, Ospinas gives you some interior design recommendations for small spaces to be exclusively applied in each area of the house.

– In the bedroom: This is a very important space because it is a place for relaxation and wellbeing. Keeping this in mind and so that the room doesn’t look crammed with things, if it’s small, opt for a minimalist style and choose light paint for the walls that give a feeling of spaciousness. Concentrate on the design and size of the bed since it is the main element in the room. It can be foldable or multi-purpose, for example, a day bed during the day and a bed at night.

– When buying a bed, don’t forget to also measure the size of the bedside tables.

– For the children’s room there are bunk beds, but instead of having the mattress on the lower part, put a desk there or make it a play area.

– In the living room: To make the most use of this space, use the walls to hang the television and speakers from your entertainment system and leave space available for books and plants. This will guarantee that the only things taking up floor space are sofas, chairs, and tables, making the most of this common area.

– In the kitchen: First, organize the utensils that you use the most in places of easy access and the rest in the highest or lowest parts of the cupboard. Aim to keep everything that you can in the appropriate drawers or cupboards in your kitchen, leaving it as organized as possible. Remember, disorganization drastically reduces the feeling of space. To achieve this, you can use magnets on the backsplash to hang knives or other things without taking up space to cut and prepare the food.


Ideas to save space in your property

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