If you have a brand new home, know the advantages of a citadel

When it comes to buying a home for the first time, we all look forward to find the perfect place. Being a decision that involves our own wellbeing as well as our family´s, it´s necessary to keep in mind the advantages of living in a place, and in this sense, the citadel has architectural, security and accessibility benefits.

To clear any doubts and help you choose the best property for new, Ospinas tells the advantages of living in a citadel:

Roadways: The projects developed under the “citadel model” are often strategically located close to major roadsways and have an infrastructure that allows access to them, thanks to it´s size, lighting and condition.

Fun and security for all: Citadels are designed with wide space for recreation for children and family. It´s common to have playgrounds, green areas for general use and exclusive spaces for the residents of each residential unit, representing multiple options in a known environment and equipped with closed circuit TV surveillance and trained security personnel.

Trade: In and around citadels people can usually find stores, restaurants, shopping centers, schools and all kinds of options that supply needs and tastes.

Exclusive use areas: Citadel residents can access a wide variety of services such as gyms, sports fields, game rooms, and parking spaces without paying any extra costs involved in using them outside.

Now that you have better understanding regarding citadels, you can determine which ones are best suited to your expectations as well as your family´s.

Si va a estrenar vivienda conozca las ventajas de vivir en ciudadela

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