Keys elements for a Zen home decoration

Who wouldnt want to get home and feel completely relaxed after a long day of work? Home, besides being the place where we find your family and we spent much of our time, must also be a shelter that gives us peace, harmony and stability.

The Zen decoration aims at making of our homes places that reflect the main pillars of Buddhism. This is why we tell you the keys elements to fill your home with harmony:

1. Open spaces allow the people who live in the house to move freely in a more natural environment, without obstacles or barriers. Therefore, this type of decoration use very few elements such as doors, walls, and furniture.

2. Natural elements such as water, land or light are characteristic of Zen decoration as they manage create an atmosphere of tranquility and nature at home. Wooden furniture and earthy colors and the use of natural lighting are a must when perfecting this Japanese-style housing.

3. The expression “less is more” is fundamental in the Zen decorating style. From the colors of the walls to the furniture, absolutely everything is going to be part of your home environment. For example, the combination of walls in clear and ocher colors, wood furniture and abundant lighting, can turn your room into the perfect place to reflect and relax.

Achieve balance in all aspects of our life is of great importance, why not go a step forward by making your home a harmonious place? Remember that even in the simplest forms of Zen decoration, you can have a peaceful home, outside the stress of every day.

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