Learn how a “smart home” might make your life easier

Technological innovation includes all aspects of daily life and our home doesn´t have to be left out.

Over the years, technology has changed our way of life dramatically regarding communication, entertainment and even the way we manage our eating habits. Although at first sight it seems that households have not changed much, what´s certain is that recent innovations allow us to increase our quality of life in a way we´ve never seen before.

It is common to leave our home and, after 10 or 15 minutes, remember that we forgot to turn the light off or close a window. Have you ever imagined what it would be if we could control these and many other elements in our home or even remotely? Now it´s possible and Ospinas tells you how.

Thanks to the growing popularity of the Internet, It´s common to have network points in every home which, even it sounds hard to believe, is the secret behind the innovation in smart homes and the new trend in home automation. The trick is to count on appliances that are able to connect to the Internet and execute any of our commands without having to physically manipulate them.

In recent years, several companies have dedicated all their efforts to design and manufacture home systems that can be remotely handled as well as being able to make autonomous decisions in order to optimize the use of resources.

Among the most popular smart appliances that have innovated in this field we can find remotely controlled heating systems, self-regulating lights and alarm triggered doors and windows via smartphones and dynamic monitoring systems.

All these intelligent buildings must go hand in hand with the environment, optimizing the available resources. An example of this is Titan Plaza shopping center, which within It´s innovation and good practices applied a friendly environment concept through a bioclimatic design that regulates energy through natural ventilation, automated lighting, special designed materials that provide thermal comfort and recycling rainwater. Furthermore, Ventura Reservado, a project in the city of Cúcuta, is characterized as part of a bioclimatic building, that includes ​​natural ventilation significantly reducing the use of mechanical ventilation.


Although it sounds very promising you also have to keep in mind that Internet security is a topic that has gained much importance in recent years. Connect several of your home’s ítems to a  network implies the possibility of someone accessing it without permission through illegal methods. That’s why it’s so important not to neglect the safety of your home network;  strengthen your Wi-fi password and consult on a regular basis with your Internet service supplier can make the difference to your modern home.

Conozco cómo la casa inteligente podría facilitarle la vida


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