Let your walls be part of your decoration

Decorating your home is not restricted only to choose the furniture, the color of the curtains or other. This year, dare to use your walls as an essential elements in your decoration. This can be done with colors, textures, geometric or asymmetrical shapes, among others.

– With lines. Wide or thin, vertical or horizontal. Play with the colors and sizes. For an office or a room whose furniture are in dark wood, you can go for two-tone wide lines (ocher and cream), that go from floor to ceiling in one of the walls. This creates a sense of elegance.

– Geometric designs. Painting a wall with triangles of different sizes will give a modern touch to your apartment. To do so, use masking tape and create the design you like on a wall or, perhaps, only the part you want to highlight. Then paint over with a different color background that you already have, let it dry and remove the tape. This can also be done to create circles in the bathroom or in the entrance.

– Color blocking. If you want something more daring, go for the ‘color blocking’. This concept involves painting squares of different sizes with a wide color gamut. Since this is a more ornate decoration, it is recommended that your furniture and decorations have neutral colors to coexist without problems.

– With stickers. To not use stickers to decorate walls at this time would be a mistake, since today there are a variety of shapes and colors, especially if you want a more complex design. For the bedroom, choose stickers in the shape of trees and birds.

With shapes and textures make your walls come alive.


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