Lighting is key to having impeccable finishing touches

Lighting is a crucial element in decoration and interior design as it can highlight objects, provide drama and warmth, and generate a nice environment. Ospinas gives you a series of recommendations so you can make the most of the lighting on your property.

– Natural light. If your are building your property from zero or you are remodeling, always keep in mind the importance of natural light in all spaces, by windows or open living rooms and kitchens, for example. Take advantage of sunlight, which gives life and warmth to all spaces. For good natural lighting, keep the placement of furniture in mind as well as the colors you use and the type of curtains you choose.

– Artificial light. In this case, you should focus on three things:

– General light: This type of lighting is what uniformly provides light to the whole space. It is the must-have, main source of lighting. The purpose of this lighting is to facilitate movement around the house. To achieve this, you can put several lights in the ceiling or a main fixture in the center of the room or eating area.

– Spotlight: The purpose of this lighting is to direct light towards one specific place, such as toward a work of art or a dark corner in the room. It is also used to bounce light with lamps facing the wall, achieving the effect of softening the wall with light.

– Decorative light: This specifically refers to lamps whose design provides an atmosphere in the house. Its purpose is not to provide light (in general low-potency light bulbs are used), but rather create a warm, beautiful, and cozy space.

– Candles can also be used as decorative lighting. These adjust to different tastes since they come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and scents.

– Think about installing a dimmer. Having the possibility of adjusting the intensity of lighting in the living room, dining room, and bedrooms is an excellent option. This way, you can adapt the general lighting according to the moment, such as a romantic dinner, watching television, or playing with the children.

Natural or artificial light: essentials in interior design for your property.


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