Make the most out of your balcony!

With the urbanization of the cities it is not common to find houses with big gardens to enjoy the nature. Nowadays, is in the balconies or terraces where you can enjoy some fresh air. That is why Ospinas gives you some recommendations to take advantage of that space, so you can enjoy it by yourself or with your family.

– With flowers and plants. Plants are the main decoration items of a terrace, but sometimes the flowerpots are too big and need a lot of space. We recommend that you use some kind of stepped structure, shelves or vertical flowerpots, where you can put your plants and you can still have enough space in your balcony. Using these, all your plants are going to be organized and at sight. Other possibility is to put hanging flowerpots out the rail. Keep in mind the colors you are using inside your home to decorate with flowers that have the same tones; accomplishing harmony between the interior and exterior design.

– A place to rest. In the terracesk, is not recommended to have big furniture, unless you have a big space where you can design as you wish. However you can choose the minimum. Put a high table with two simple but comfortable chairs, so you can enjoy the afternoon while having a cup of coffee or reading a book. Go for seats that can be folded, and that are made of waterproof material, since they are exposed to weathering.

– If you have children. It is important to strengthen the rails, and put some mesh to avoid accidents. Your balcony doesn’t have to look like a cage, so you can opt for natural materials such as bamboo. This will give an organic touch to your terrace. However, it is recommended to teach the kids that these places are not for playing, and when they are in the balcony they must be always with an adult.

– Lighting for evening. You can enjoy a balcony at any time of the day. However, different from the interior of your home, it is recommended to use a warm and not too bright light. To do this, you can use some candles, or give to the balcony a bohemian atmosphere with a white light garland. Avoid the colors in the light garlands, you don’t want to have a christmas decoration all the year.

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