Make your house a friendly home to you and your kids

Each stage of life has its needs, and some of the more demanding and exciting needs begins when the family starts to grow. Many things must be arrange to this major change, as it is the sleeping schedule, family activities, and the home decorating. That is why Opsinas tells you how to make your home a friendly place to your kids and a comfortable one for all.

– Place fragile things out of reach of children. The shelves are an excellent choice to keep your kids away from fragile decoration, or from the objects you love the most. These are easy to place and are perfect for small rooms.

– Divide the spaces. It is important that your kids have a play room and a lighted place where they can rest and/or study. This does not mean that your children can just play in their room, on the contrary, the home belongs to all the members of the family and it is better to give them an space in the living room so they can share some quality family time.

– Walls and floors easy to maintain. The paint of the walls and the wood flooring suffer the most when new family member arrives. The white paint on the wall will be stained and with ball marks, and the floor will be scratched. Therefore it is better to choose easy maintenance materials such as washable paint for the walls and wood type flooring for common areas. The goal is that your home finishes have a long useful life and you dont have to renovate your real estate every year.

– Durable Textiles, with colors and prints. When you have children, the couch and the carpets are always at risk of being stained and damage. Therefore, it is better to stay away from the white carpets and to choose strong colors, with shapes and patterns that help hide unexpected stains. Furthermore, it is more useful if you have washable chair cushions.

– Strong furniture. You may want to have the best home design according to the last trends of the year. However, you should consider that your favorite couch can become a springboard for your kids. Therefore, we recommend to buy heavy and solid furniture (that can´t be moved by your kids) to prevent damage in the short term.

– An organized mess. It is inevitable that family homes have toys, colors and such mess on the floor. But it doesn´t have to be every day. Nowadays there are boxes of different sizes and designs for all the styles and needs. Use them to put the toys inside, and place the box in an empty corner of the common areas. The most important thing is to teach children that they must organize the toys they use.

At the end of the day the best advice is to be ready for any damage in your home, and accept it with a smile. Because sooner or later your quiet home, will be shaken by tiny feets running around.

2. adecuaciones en el hogar para una familia en crecimiento

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