Mixed-use projects

The mixed-use projects are those that blends commerce with other areas such as residential, cultural, institutional or industrial, among others, ensuring optimal performance for the user, since the areas are fully integrated, giving unique benefits. Such constructions are intended and designed for people who are using it and have a concept involving work, welfare and quality of life.

Furthermore, mixed-use development is ideal for places where the generation of new projects is complicated for the lack of land and high costs. By blending different spaces into one, it will significantly reduce land prices, ensuring the return of the investment thanks to a construction with different income sources.

In Colombia, Ospinas has two projects that perfectly show this type of mixed-use

Bocagrande: this Project is located in Cartagena and blends hotel (with the first international Hyatt Regency Hotel in Colombia), with a shopping mall and residential apartments of the highest quality. This is an ideal place to enjoy of all the elegance, the sound of the waves and the sunny afternoons of the touristic city, with family or friends.

 Zazué Plaza y Condominio: this Project is located in another city of the colombian coast, Santa Marta. As the cartagena´s project, Zazué also combines commercial and residencial areas. The shopping mall has 82 locals, and an area of over 5.200 m2, while the condominium of apartments will have 4 towers that include social areas such as pools and hot tubs, beach volleyball, gym and sauna. This place is perfect for mixing comfort and fun, just five minutes from the sea.

2. proyectos de uso mixto

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