Multifunctional furniture, comfort in small spaces

Small spaces in real estate are very common. For this reason, every day is more important to find furniture that fits the spaces of the house. Thinking of this, Ospinas recommends you the use of retractable furniture in your home, and show you some of its advantages; including adaptability and multifunctionality.

Even if your home is in a small area, you can maximize the space, because the engineers, architects and interior designers have developed retractable furniture, which happen to be creative, dynamic and flexible solutions to transform your real estate. This type of furniture is also useful, functional and you can find different styles for every taste.

– Furniture on the height: Usually furniture is located on the ground; however, this new trend allows the use of these in an unconventional height. It is not uncommon to find rooms with a raised bed, which base can serve as a framework for a library or a small room. These rooms are suitable and adaptable for people of all ages. For the children’s room it can be used with wide staircases and thick railings, giving them greater security; for the room of the teenagers it can be installed bed rails and insert lamps to improve lighting.

– Moving beds: This type of furniture is increasingly common in the bedrooms. These beds have a mechanism that allows you to upload and download them just by pressing a button. Designers made it in single or double size, depending on the needs, but it can also be design for your own needs. However, this kind of bed is not recommended for children under six years old because of their mechanism, and because they usually are more than 80 centimeters above ground.

– Folding furniture: Everyday interior designers are looking for solutions to maximize space. That is why they created this kind of furniture, which can be hidden in walls and closets; the most common item are the beds, which are preferred because they allow a better use of the space, and also for making easier the organization of the places.

– Folding and compact furniture: Such designs are no longer a science fiction story. Every day is more common the furniture that can be “bended” or ” folded ” so you can hide it, and therefore you can use it in a very little space; in fact, one of the designers of this type of furniture, Hiroyuki Morita, was inspired in origami for his designs and created “The pata” a chair made of fabric that is armed only by pulling a cord.

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