Offices in mixed use projects

The mixed use of the land for housing, offices and shopping centers development, is one of the most used trends in urban development. Big cities such as Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York, are making mixed constructions which, among other advantages, allows an efficient use of the land. Bogotá has also joined this trend, an example of this is Titán Plaza, which has a shopping mall and a Business Center in the same structure. This trend can be seen also in small cities like Cúcuta, in Colombia, with Ventura Plaza.

This trend is increasing around the world, which is why Ospinas shows you the advantage of having your office in a mixed use project.

– Security: The mixed use projects increases the security in the area; according to John Mcdonald, director of the Department of Criminology of the University of Pennsylvania, an area with apartments, offices and retail improves safety by having more “eyes on the street” during the day. The criminals are frightened by the fact that the place has a constant vigilance.

– Having your office in a mixed use project will improve the mobility of the area. People is going to be able to walk more to do their activities, because they won´t have to engage in long distance routes to go to work or to a shopping mall. These greatly decreases the traffic of the zone and improves mobility. To this is added a better quality of life, because people will walk more, so they will have a more active and healthy life.

– Having your office in a mixed use construction, like Titán Plaza in Bogotá, will increase the efficiency since your office could be near banks and retail, so you or yopur employees won´t have to travel long distances for doing their activities.

5. oficinas en proyectos de uso mixto


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