¿Old furniture? Give them a second chance

An old dresser, ca rib you no longer use, a couch in the Baroque style, everything can be recovered with a little imagination and creativity. If you are moving you may want to renovate your property. However, before throwing away some of your furniture, think twice how you could reuse, either by painting or using them for anything other than its primary function. Here a number of ideas that may help.

– The babies crib can be transformed into a fun little desk for their children when they are older. Remove one of the rails (usually you can get them on and off) and replace the mattress support boards by a plate of solid wood. Sand the wood and give it the color you want to make it look different and you can even put paint on the iron board he used as a desk.

– Wooden furniture is ideal for reuse. Sand and paint them in fun colors to create a ‘Happy chic’ environment as, for example, painting the dining room chairs of vibrant colors. You can also replace the hardware and adapt it to their new apartment style.

– Sofas or couches. The quilted style is rarely used. However, its not a reason to throw such furniture. Look for a new fabric, patterned or plain, and send them to upholstery. It will be less expensive than buying a new couch and give a unique style to your home.

– The wooden chairs can be reused in many ways. Here are a couple:

– If you have a nice backrest: Use it as a photo frame or even a mirror. Paint it in a new color and keep only the edge.

– Remove the legs of the chair and cut in half. Hang up the trellis on the wall and use it as a shelf. With a plant you itll look great. Remember to paint the wood to renew its appearance.

– Use them as nightstands. Again, renew their color and cut the legs so that they are tailored to your bed.

Old furniture can give a unique and interesting look to your real estate.


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