Organize your library according to your needs

Everyone, at one moment in their life, will have a library where all books of interest that we have read and various memories are collected, making this a dusty place, full of objects that no one looks at or uses. So that this doesn’t happen, Ospinas gives you five recommendations so that your library always looks organized and in harmony with the rest of the common area.

  • There are different ways to organize books. Alphabetically, by colors, or subject. However, we recommend putting the oldest and least used books on the high shelves, and if you have kids, leave their books on the lower shelves. Also, always organize them by size (from the biggest to the smallest) to generate visual harmony.
  • Don’t cram everything on only one shelf. If you have space, separate them in small groups, using the whole bookshelf. Take advantage of the free spaces to put a plant or a framed photo.
  • Books are precious things that can’t be thrown in the trash. If your library is full of things, it is time to go through them and donate any books you don’t want.
  • To conserve the quality of the books, it is important to clean the library periodically so that a lot of dust doesn’t accumulate. Avoid putting shelves in a place where there is a lot of humidity because it is paper’s number one enemy.
  • To give a more modern touch to your property, stand some books up, and lay others down, as long as it doesn’t look disorderly. Another possibility is putting a book upright with the cover facing outwards if it is pretty, using it as a decorative element.

Tips for organizing the library in your property


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