Public transportation in cities

The sustainable growth of any city depends on many factors, one of them is public transport. Indeed, having a good mobility system contributes in different ways to the cities and their citizens. Ospinas tells what are the three main benefits.

– A good public transport network helps integrate a city. The exponential growth of the cities can create areas with difficult access. Therefore, it is important to always carefully plan this kind of projects, in order to ensure that all citizens have acces to these systems.

– Fewer cars on the streets. By promoting the use of public transport, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and traffic jams. However, to achieve this, it is important that public transportation is efficient, comfortable, affordable and easy to use.

The buses, subways and cabs are not the only options that can help reduce the use of private transport. Having a good network of bike ways, for example, encourage citizens to use the bicicle as transportaion.

– Reduced costs for the city. According to a study by Credo “The opportunity for mobility. Improvement of public transport to produce economic growth”, if a city invests in efficient public transportation, the economic growth would be boosted exponentially.

Public transportation is a must for any city.


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