Recyclable materials most used in sustainable construction

Taking care of the environment is a main concern in the construction sector and therefore more and more efforts are being made to develop sustainable projects. As part of these, Some efforts has been focused on reducing, reusing and recycling materials without these representing a detriment to nature and, on the contrary, contribute to their improvement in the future.

Going further using reusable waste to build is an excellent idea that besides helping the planet, rise awareness. Among the recyclable materials that can be used in construction are polyethylene terephthalate -a kind of plastic- aluminum, iron, steel, glass, tires, among others.

Perhaps within the most used recyclable materials in sustainable construction are objects such as plastic bottles. In fact, in Colombia houses are already being made with plastic bricks.

Recycled aluminum is also part of sustainable construction as it provides an unalterable material in its chemical properties, and when melted it is perfect for use in doors, windows and decks. On the other hand, iron and recycled steel are key materials because they are reused without losing their quality.

Building with a positive contribution to the urban transformation in mind must be a top priority for developers and for Ospinas it is.


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