Remodel your home bathroom following these tips

Sometimes is not necessary to remodel your entire home to make a positive change in the atmosphere. When you give a new look to some key places, as the bathroom, it helps to change the aesthetics and the feeling of all your home, because it is one of the most frequented places by all the family and guests.

Ospinas gives you some tips to remodel your bathroom safely and stress free.

1. The space. Your main consideration must be the bathroom space. The fact that it is big or small will determine which kind of furniture you must use. Therefore, it is very important to know the exact measures of the room. These will decrease the possibility of buying some element that doesn´t fit.

2. Walls and floors. To remove the old tiles and put a new one, always look for the help of a professional, this will ensure you that all the finishes are applied correctly.

In terms of design, keep in mind that light colors, such as white, are more appropriate for the bathrooms. This will give you the feeling of a clean, bright and airy space. Avoid the dark colors, especially if the place is closed and doesn´t have a good lighting. Once you choose the color, make sure it is appropriate for the rest of the furniture.

Try to buy large tiles. Avoid the mosaics in order to reduce the number of tile joints and fungal growth in them.

3. Shower or bathtub? This decisión must be based on the space you have. If is small, avoid bathtubs, because this will need more space. But if your bathroom has a bigger surface, the trend in bathtubs are those ergonomic and without a cabinet around it. With or without legs, the goal is to decorate the room with its unique shape.

4. The sanitary. This is one of the elements we recommend to change, for the salubrity . Indeed it is one of the most used places by different people, so it has a higher possibility to accumulate bacteria and fungi. Today there are an array of innovative designs that allow a deep cleaning, ensuring its salubrity.

5. Faucets and plumbing. If the budget is not big enough to change the furniture you already have, changing the faucets and knobs of the closet will help you to give a new look to the bathroom. On the other hand, It is also important to verify that the plumbing is in good conditions to prevent damages in a short term. Sometimes it is better to make an investment in things which are not seen, but which in the future, will avoid you to pay more.

6. The bathrooms are usually dark, so a good lighting can help to create a peaceful space. Add a couple of candles or candlesticks to this space, is very trendy and is perfect for relaxation.

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