Six ways to keep thieft away from your home

Holiday season is here and with it comes family trips away from home. Thieves take advantage of this moment to make their way. That is why Ospinas gives you some useful advices that can make the difference.

– It can be obvious, but it is very important that you make sure, before leaving your home, that all windows and doors are locked. We also recommend to verify that the lock of the main door is in good condition, otherwise, you better change it.

– Make your home look alive. Thieves use to walk around the same places, therefore, they might notice that closed curtains for several days, is a sign of an empty home. For these reason we recommend to let them slightly opened, making sure you are not leaving anything valuable on display. Of course, if your windows face the street, we recommend to completely close it. Also you should leave a light on, to give the impression that someone is there. Moreover, it is recommended to buy a timer plug, for turning the lights on and off, as if you were there.

– Dont tell everyone. Social media are very popular, and many people share their personal life on them, but sometimes, you can show too many things. For instance, when home pictures are shared, someone could see the inside, furniture, among other items that can be interesting for thieves. Also, in the case you share something about a trip, never give a specific date, otherwise you will be giving all the information that a thief needs to know.

– Dont leave valuable ítems at home. If you are having a long trip, it is better to give the valuable items or jewerly to a trustful relative or friend. If something unfortunate happens, you will have your valuable belongs in a safe place. It is also important not to place any expensive items on the window, that could draw attention to your home.

– Give your home keys to someone you trust. It can be the same person who you are giving your valuable belongs. Give them a copy of your home keys and ask them to go to your home any given day while you are out to move the curtains and watered the plants.

Install an alarm. These are very useful even when you are away for only a short time. It is a way to ensure that if someone breaks into the house will be immediately reported. Find out which one is the right system for your home and buy it in a trustable place. For sure you dont want someone with bad intentions installing your new alarm

Six ways to keep thieft away from your home

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