Six web sites for interior design you should visit

Interior decoration can be a complicated task if imagination and creativity are not the order of the day. Among the wide range of web sites that offer new trends and recommendations on this matter you can find some innovative ideas.

What should you look for? The personal style and taste through the spaces will be the guide to let your imagination fly. That is why Ospinas recommend you some of the best Sites related to interior design.

1. inhabitat.com

If there is one word that describes Inhabitat, that word would be edge. This site is dedicated to designs in terms of space and experience at home. They have a modern approach and they focus on objects and ecological spaces.

2. http://www.dezeen.com/

With nearly two million visitors per month, Dezeen is one of the most influential platforms for architects and designers. It also offers a wide collection of the best architecture and interior design projects in the world.

3. http://www.yankodesign.com/

Yanko Design is synonymous with elegance. This website is one of the most visited mostly because of their innovative and attractive designs. This site is the most recommended for futuristic styling ideas, clearly designed for those who want their home to look like the one form The Jetsons.

4. http://www.armstrong.com/flooring/design-tools.html

This is an interactive website that teaches you how to easily decorate and give a custom look to your spaces. Also, if you wish, you can upload an image of any area you want to organize.

5. http://www.design-milk.com/

Milk Design offers the latest in art, interior furniture, decoration, fashion and technology. It offers a space dedicated to interior design offering multiple tips and ideas.

6. http://www.archdaily.com/

Characterized for showing the best architecture in the world, Archdaily offers interviews, news and promote events as well as contemporary products.

6 websites we recommend for interior design


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